This book was designed to help you discover a part of yourself that you haven’t met yet. There is a you that you long to be but have yet to become. In Breakthrough, Cory provides a roadmap for you to Breakthrough the barriers that hinder you from achieving higher dimensions of greatness in your life. Ask yourself, “what steps will it take for me to get ahead in life?” Take the first step: Commitment. Commitment is the willingness to be all in and give your best at all times. Regardless of the circumstances, be willing to commit. Commit because it’s who are! Secondly, be Optimistic.

The primary difference between the optimist and the cynic is a cynic can’t see opportunities because they are too busy being blinded by obstacles! An optimist, on the other-hand overcomes obstacles and seizes opportunities. Thirdly, consider your Relationship capital. You must develop a community of collaborative, achievement-driven relationships that give you a competitive advantage. Your company will accompany you along the path that you choose for yourself. Choose your company with your “final destination” in mind! Be selective, it’s critical in order to reach your desired outcome. In each of us, there is a yearning for more. The final step is to Yield. Yield to the yearning! Don’t just “yearn” and stop. Yield to the passion that is in your heart. Surrender! After all, you have greatness within you!

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